Jul 14, 2011

Have 1,000 People Transitioned Out of Institutions With Mainstream

It's been about seven months since HUD awarded its Mainstream Category 2
Vouchers. These were the special vouchers that were intended to be used
solely for people with disabilities to transition from institutions to the
community. Housing Authorities and other public entities had to apply for
these vouchers, and HUD awarded them on a competitive basis.

We know there were a lot of advocates for individuals with disabilities
who were very disappointed that their Housing Authorities had not been
awarded these vouchers. This was particularly so, after advocates had
worked with and encouraged their Housing Authorities to apply.

Okay folks - now is the time to check out if the "winning" Housing
Authorities have actually used these Category 2 Vouchers as they were
intended - to help people to leave institutions.

Has your State Medicaid agency been actively involved? Has it helped
identify people who want to transition out? How has the Housing Authority
identified the person who was institutionalized?

Has there been any press regarding the successful transitions? If we want
additional vouchers to be similarly targeted in the future, let's make
sure at the least that the 1,000 Category 2 vouchers have worked properly.

If you reside in one of the following 28 locales, please contact the
recipient. If you find out, let us know.

Below find, by State, the 28 recipients and the number of Category 2
Vouchers awarded to each winner.

ARIZONA - Pima County c/o City of Tucson 25
CALIFORNIA - Housing Authority of the County of Alameda 10
CALIFORNIA - Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara 25
CALIFORNIA -Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara 10
CALIFORNIA - Orange County Housing Authority 50
CALIFORNIA- Pasadena Community Development Commission 40
FLORIDA - Collier County Housing Authority 25
GEORGIA - Housing Authority of the City of Decatur, Georgia 35
ILLINOIS - Housing Authority of the Village of Oak Park 15
ILLINOIS - Springfield Housing Authority 10
MASSACHUSETTS - Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development 35
MARYLAND - Baltimore County Dept of Social Services Housing Office 50
MARYLAND - Housing Authority of Baltimore City 40
MARYLAND - Howard County Housing Commission 10
MARYLAND - Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development 12
MICHIGAN - Traverse City Housing Commission 10
NORTH CAROLINA - Housing Authority of the City of Wilmington, N. C. 5
NEW JERSY - New Jersey Department of Community Affairs 100
NEW YORK - Belmont Shelter Corp. agent for Erie County PHA Consortium 20
OHIO - Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority 100
OHIO - Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority 60
PENNSYLVANIA - Housing Authority of the County of Dauphin 10
TEXAS - Housing Authority of the City of Austin 36
WASHINGTON - Housing Authority of Snohomish County 50
WASHINGTON - Housing Authority of the City of Longview 35
WASHINGTON - Housing Authority of the City of Yakima 15
WASHINGTON - Housing Authority of the County of Clallam 15
WASHINGTON -Housing Authority of the City of Tacoma 100