Sep 29, 2011

APD presents options to bring spending in line with appropriations


Some Likely Cuts In Our Future:
1. Set agency rate to a maximum of 20 percent above solo rates.
2. Reduce rates for therapy assessments.
3. Pay behavior analysts wiht higher qualifications at lower rate.
4. Change residential habilitation rate structure.
5. Reduce service limits
6. Request that families reduce their services

The 2011 Florida Legislature approved two important cost-containment initiatives: a 4% provider rate reduction and a cost plan freeze. APD implemented these initiatives on July 1, 2011, and they will continue through June 30, 2012. This plan requires a total of approximately $76.3 million in additional expenditure reductions after implementation of a 4% provider rate reduction and a cost plan freeze as enacted by the Legislature.

The agency projects savings from these current cost-containment initiatives to be $21.0 million. This leaves an additional $55.3 million in expenditures that must be reduced to bring spending in line with appropriations.

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