Oct 19, 2011

update from APD Director Mike Hansen to the Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee at 1:30 PM today

Today there will be an update from Director Hansen on the Corrective Action Plan to the Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee at 1:30 PM Wednesday Oct. 19, 2011

It can be viewed by going to http://www.fccflorida.org/ and hitting the hot link under working with the Legislature, there is a link for the House live and one for the Senate live.
If you go to Florida Online Sunshine and hit the link to the House or Senate and then committees, you can get the agendas and packets once they are available.
Below is the link that has all APD presentations to the legislature in Sept. and Oct so far.


As much as possible, we really need to be paying close attention to what is going on in these legislative committee meetings, watching these or listening to podcasts available assists the perspective and familiarizes us with those who will be making decisions that affect so many lives. It can help us be more effective in our outreach efforts.