Mar 14, 2012

World Record Wheelchair Dance in Florida Korey and Wendy promoting the event.

There are some people that come into your lives and instantly touch your heart; Korey Soderman does just that. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy shortly after birth, Korey has defeated all odds to live a normal life by doing what others do, just a little bit differently. Now 22, he serves as an inspiration to his classmates, community and others facing challenges just like his.

Kenny Loggins’ song “This Is It,” empowered Wendy, Korey’s mother, to give Korey the opportunity to live despite his challenging prognosis when she only had a few minutes to decide the fate of Korey and his twin Kyle. It was Fifteen years ago when Wendy first shared her amazing story of grace and courage inspired by Kenny Loggins. Every year since then, they have visited different concert venues throughout the country to hear “This Is It” performed live. Their amazing story is a A&E Documentary “Between the Lines” narrated by Robert Downey Jr. The power of music has played an integral part in Korey's life, touching his soul and enriching his spirit. For that very reason, Korey’s latest endeavor is to set the World Record for the largest wheelchair dance ever! Kenny Loggins, now a close friend to the Soderman family, will be writing a special rendition of “This Is It” just for Korey and the World Record Eventon Sunday May 20, 2012 from 2:00pm – 4:30 pm at CityPlace in downtown West Palm Beach. Kenny and his band, Blue Sky Riders will also be performing a concert for everyone to enjoy. The event is being hosted by radio station WRMF and CityPlace.

The wheelchair dance will bring local, regional and national community together for this milestone event. Not only will this event be a landmark for CityPlace and set a world record, Korey’s joyful excitement for life will lead by example and inspire others. Visit to learn more about Korey’s accomplishments and contributions for making a difference in the world. Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of this momentous occasion!

Join Korey on May 20, surrounded by 250 wheelchair participants toset the record for the most people dancing in a wheelchair at one time! If you travel through life in a wheelchair and would like to be a wheelchair participant and help set the world record then register at: . Once you sign-up for the event we encourage you to check out our Facebook page for updates on the event and dance (search Rock & Roll World Record Dance).

View the recent Channel 5 news special on this amazing event by clicking on the link below.