Nov 10, 2010

Delmarva Foundation - FSQAP - Operational Policies and Procedures Manual (REVISIONS & CORRECTIONS)

Just a brief note to inform you of the following Operational Policies and Procedures Manual revisions and corrections:

Revised - Non Compliance Procedures to include CDC+ representatives and 1915j language – page 8

Revised - Non Compliance procedures changed 3 calendar days to 3 business days – page 8.

Clarified sample size for record reviews for WSC page 24

Note: there are circumstances in which a WSC could be pulled into more than 2 PCRs. Examples of these circumstances include:

Support Coordinators who work in multiple Areas will have 2 PCRs sampled for each Area they serve in. Support Coordinators working for large agencies where caseloads shift around could result in one support coordinator serving more than 2 people who are in the PCR sample.

Individuals changing support coordinators due to personal choice, or a support coordinator discontinuing services results in a support coordinator who has already been drawn into 2 PCRs now serving another person in the PCR sample. Revised CDC+ Representative review as a Provider Discovery Review (PDR)Pages 11, 13 and 30.

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Then click: "Resource Center > Providers > Discovery Review Tools"