Jan 6, 2011

411 on Disability Disclosure & Cyber Disclosure

Here's are some FREE resources that you should share with the SE coaches,
SL coaches, WSCs, and Family Care Council members in your area. Hope you
find these helpful and useful!

Many of you may be familiar with The 411 on Disability Disclosure: A
Workbook for Youth with Disabilities, about 85 pages, that's available
on-line from the NCWD (National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability).
It is a great resource to help teens and young adults learn about the pros
and cons of disclosing their disability once they are out of high school
and attending post-secondary school and/or working. This is a workbook
with scenarios about topics like accommodations, goal-setting, recognizing
discrimination, and disclosure in different environments (work, school,
social settings) and includes activities based on the scenarios that help
the reader better understand the topic.

The same folks have also put together a supplement entitled Cyber
Disclosure for Youth with Disabilities. With so many social networking
sites out there many times disclosure may occur without the person really
being aware of it or in a way they did not intend. So this is a very
useful 7 page addition.

There's also an additional manual entitled The 411 on Disability
Disclosure: A Workbook for Families, Educators, Youth Service
Professionals, and Adult Allies Who Care About Youth with Disabilities (I
love the term "Adult Allies"!). This is very similar to the original 411
manual, also long at about 85 pages, but looks at disclosure from the point
of view of an adult who is assisting a teen or young adult learn about
everything related to the topic.

The website is: http://www.ncwd-youth.info/411-on-disability-disclosure <