Oct 12, 2011

Around The Globe- India, State to open day care centres for disabled

PANAJI: The state government is set to establish day care centres for mentally and physically-disabled persons, whose families are unable to care for them during work hours.

Under the new state government scheme to be known as a?Jeevan Jyota, financial assistance will be provided to non-government organizations for running day care centers for disabled.

asThere are certain persons with disabilities, such as orthopaedic disabilities, visual disabilities, mentally-challenged and those with multiple disabilities, who have a very high level of disability. These persons are quite often not able to manage on their own and, therefore, require the support of another person to carry on their day-to-day routine. Parents of such people face great difficulty in taking care of them, more so when they are employed,a? sources in the state social welfare department said.

An official further said, asThere are parents who are not employed and do not have any financial support to take care of such people. The situation gets further aggravated when the parents grow old and are not able to give any physical support to these persons with disabilities. The state government is concerned about these people.a?

The state government has, therefore, introduced the new scheme a?Jeevan Jyota to provide financial support to NGOs for running day care centre for persons with physical and mental disabilities at a common place and to provide healthy, hygienic and better living facilities.

The scheme will be implemented by the directorate of social welfare. Any registered voluntary organization or non-governmental organization engaged in the promotion of welfare of senior citizens will be eligible to apply for running the day care centre.

The organization should be registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860, or under Public Trust Act or registered under any relevant law in force for at least three years prior to the date of applying under the scheme. Institutions or organizations set up by the government as autonomous bodies either under a statute or as a society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, will also be eligible under the scheme.

NGOs with a minimum of five years experience in the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and which has proven its capability to mobilize community will be given preference. Financial viability of the organization to contribute its share, and ability to continue the work for limited periods in case of delayed assistance from the government will also be looked at.

The aided organization will be open for inspection by any officer of the state government or agency of the state government.