Apr 3, 2012

National Mobility Awareness Month & much more.

National Mobility Awareness Month

We are proud to introduce our first annual event, National Mobility Awareness Month which will be celebrated in May. This event was created to make people aware of persons with disabilities and the multitude of mobility options available to make their life easier and more independent. Sponsored by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA), a custom wheelchair accessible vehicle will be given away to 3 separate "Local Heroes" who have overcome mobility challenges. Caregivers, veterans, or any person with a disability are encouraged to apply for the giveaways. Videos and written stories will be accepted from March 18th to May 13th, 2012 with w inners being awarded their vehicles on national TV. To tell your story and become a potential recipient, visit www.MobilityAwarenessMonth.com and enter to win.

FDOA's SportsAbility Tallahassee

SportsAbility is the premier event of the Florida Disabled Outdoors Association (FDOA). It is about enhancing the lives of people with disabilities by promoting active living and provides first hand access to resources and demonstrations of activities designed to encourage participation rega rdless of age or ability level. There is NO CHARGE to participants thanks to the many generous sponsors.

FDOA will be hosting SportsAbility on from Thursday, April 12th to Saturday, April 14th in Tallahassee. Thursday will feature adapted baseball on a Miracle Field at Messer Park, Friday will consist of an indoor resource expo with information on the latest products and services for those with disabilities. Hands-on active leisure activities include adapted golf, tennis, basketball, swimming, SCUBA, and many others. There will also be FDOA's "Active Leisure for Life" fundraising banquet at 6:30pm. Outdoor activities highlight Saturday's action with opportunities to try sailing, kayaking, sit-water skiing, hand cycling, and fishing to name a few. SportsAbility is more than fun. It's a wonderful occasion to help educate the public about the importance of physical activity and recreational opportunities for everyone, including t hose with disabilities.

Wheelers on the Small and Big Screen
The Sundance Channel is bringing an unfettered, uncensored glimpse at what it means to be sexy, ambitious and living with paralysis in Hollywood with Push Girls, a new original non-fiction series from producer Gay Rosenthal. The Sundance Channel has ordered 14 episodes of the half-hour long docu-series, tracing the lives of four dynamic, outspoken and beautiful women who, by accident or illness, have been paralyzed from the neck or the waist down.

A wheelchair dance movie, curr ently in limited release, chronicles the exploits of Mia, a ballroom dancer that suffers a spinal cord injury. While her original dream may be shattered, she is persuaded to train for an upcoming wheelchair dancing competition. Originally premiering on March 23rd, Musical Chairs is being screened in several south Florida theaters, check it out and see if it is still playing in your area.

New SCI Attorney Guide Available
If you, a friend, or family member has recently sustained a spinal cord injury, then many thoughts are swirling through your head. From learning how to manage the new injury and what the future holds, to concerns about paying for both initial and lifelong medical care. Soon after the injury, you may need to consider having legal representation. If so, a new guide on Selecting an Attorney for Florida Spinal Cord Injury Cases (PDF) is now available on our website.

News, Info, and Links
Florida Capitol Complex to be ADA Compliant Following Legal Settlement - Accessibility advocate successfully negotiates changes at state buildings.

Parking Illegally in Disabled Space Can be a Costly Mistake - With the recent passage of Florida bills relating to disabled parking permits, stories like this should become more common.

UsersFirst Mobility Map - This knowledge book is designed to help you find answers to common questions about getting a wheelchair. Each chapter guides you step-by-step through the path of getting a wheelchair.

S*** People Say To Persons with Disabilities - I love this video! Have you heard or said any of these phrases?

RoChair - An advanced manual wheelchair. Not sure if it will catch on though.

The Chariot - A new product that will allow power chair users to transport their heavy chairs with a smaller vehicle.