Jul 14, 2012

Vote No to Florida’s Medically Needy Waiver

We know it’s hard to keep track of the quick pace at which Medicaid policy is moving. Even as we engage in the fight to make sure 1 million Florida lives aren’t left out of the promise of Medicaid expansion, we continue to advocate for Floridians whose health security depends upon waiver proposals that would weaken the safety-net which they rely upon. Please take 2 minutes to say NO to the cruel effort to place Floridians with catastrophic medical conditions at the mercy of managed care plans. If Florida gets its way, Medicaid recipients in the Medically Needy program would be forced into managed care plans and pay up to 90% of their monthly income on premiums. This could mean that a lupus/ cancer/ transplant survivor (or someone with similar medical condition that is over regular Medicaid income levels) could pay up to $1,800 a month in premiums in order to ensure continued access to essential care. Vote Now at CMS’s (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) website against Florida’s Medically Needy waiver. http://cmsideas.uservoice.com/forums/161095-section-1115-demonstrations-florida-meds-ad/suggestions/2874908-state-says-medneedy-must-pay-huge-premiums-up-to-